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200th Birthday of Amalie Dietrich

May 2021

The junge Welt has published Wulf D. Hund and my article Decolonize Amalie Dietrich. Zum 200. Geburtstag der wandernden Natursammlerin und Schänderin indigener Gräber, which discusses her entanglement in late 19th century colonialism.

Challenge 321

April 2021

I am taking part in the current ›Challenge 321‹ – the International Audiovisual Contest – with my AV show »Visiting Old Tailem Town« that was produced with pictures taken at the open-air museum in Tailem Bend, on the occasion of my expedition to South Australia and Victoria with my roadmate.

German Association for Australian Studies

January 2021

In the recent meeting of members of the Gesellschaft für Australienstudien (German Association for Australian Studies) the present members elected me a member of the executive board. In this position I will continue my work for the Association in terms of social media and the website as well as the tasks of the technical editor of the Australian Studies Journal.

A German ›Collector‹ in Queensland

December 2020

Fresh from the press, Wulf D. Hund and my breath-taking and ground-breaking analysis of the images of Amalie Dietrich in the German discourse from the Kaiserreich via the Weimar Republic, the fascist ›Reich‹, the Federal Republic as well as the Democratic Republic to reunited Germany – From ›Plant Hunter‹ to ›Tomb Raider‹. The Changing Image of Amalie Dietrich in the newest issue of the Australian Studies Journal | Zeitschrift für Australienstudien, 33-34, 2019-2020, pp. 89-124.

A ›Germany‹ in Australia

December 2020

Fresh from the press also, Wulf D. Hund and my detailed investigation into the concept of ›racism‹ in Australia – ›Racism‹ Down Under. The Prehistory of a Concept in Australia can also be found in the newest issue of the Australian Studies Journal | Zeitschrift für Australienstudien, 33-34, 2019-2020, pp. 9-30.

Upcoming Conference

October 2020

At the end of November 2020, I will be presenting my virtual paper »...polished and cultured, speaking English fluently«. The Japanese Doctor of Broome to an international audience at the workshop ›Documenting Mobility in the Japanese Empire and Beyond‹ at the Heidelberg Centre of Transcultural Studies.

GASt eNewsletter No 22, January 2020

February 2020

Fresh from the press with a brand-new design the latest eNewsletter of the GASt eNewsletter series – infos, events, and articles regarding Australia and Australian topics. This time with a conference report of our ›Digitising Heritage‹ workshop and an exhibition review of ›Lustre‹.

Social Media CAS

January 2020

The Twitter account of the Centre for Australian Studies (CAS), Cologne, is prospering. Follow @CAS_Cologne for information, updates and events regarding Australia, the CAS, and its members.

Social Media GASt

November 2019

After the revamping of the website, the Twitter account of the Gesellschaft für Australienstudien | Association for Australian Studies (GASt) is now up and running. Follow @GASt_AfAS for information, updates and events regarding Australia and the association.

Broome & White Australia

October 2019

Fresh from the press: written together with Wulf D. Hund, a breath-taking and path-making essay on racism and classism in Broome, including the case study of Dr Tadashi Suzuki, a Japanese medic who – against the whites' objection – was invited by the Japanese community of Broome to practise medicine in the town from 1910 to 1914.
published in print and online in Race & Class – doi: 10.1177/0306396819871412.

›A White Australia Industry‹

May 2019

I am going to present a paper problematizing the history of sugar in Australia in light of the White Australia Industry at the British Sociological Association Food Study Group Conference on Food Systems & Society at the Monash University, Prato (Italy) in late June 2019.

Digitizing Heritage

January 2019

PD Dr Carsten Wergin and I are organizing a workshop on the Digitizing of (Australian) Heritage in late 2019. This event will be hosted in cooperation with GASt (the German Association for Australian Studies). Come to Heidelberg, experience the ›Heidelberger Herbst‹, and join us and our international speakers for an inspiring and important event. Find more information in the carefully designed poster and the programme !

Research Grant by DFG

July 2018

Awesome news, the German Research Foundation (DFG) is supporting my research on Exception or Exemption? The Broome Pearling Industry and the ›White Australia Policy‹ with a three-year grant. Project details in English and German can be found here.

Upcoming Conference

May 2018

At the end of June 2018, I am invited to speak to an international audience about Whitening Sugar. Culinary Inclusion and Exclusion in Australia at the conference ›Inclusion and Exclusion. Facets of a Phenomenon in History and Literature‹ at the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz.

Now Online

April 2018

My reviews of Amos Morris-Reich: Racial Photography as Scientific Evidence, 1876-1980 and Heide Fehrenbach, Davide Rodogno: Humanitarian Photography are now online.

Fresh from the Press I

March 2018

My article ›The Burden of White Sugar. Producing and Consuming Whiteness in Australia‹ has been published online in ›Studia Anglica Posnaniensia‹, 52, 2017, 4

Fresh from the Press II

March 2018

An exciting new issue of the ›Australian Studies Journal‹ with contributions by Oliver Haag, Regina Ganter, Alexandra Ludewig, et. al is now available. Have a look at the new design after my makeover and my own contribution ›Making Black White‹ on pages 87 ff.